BA Coaching academy


For Beginners:

Feb. 2023 – Jan. 2024: BA Coaching Academy – Level 2, German

Sept. 2023 – May 2024: BA International Coaching Academy– Level 2, English

April 2023 – September 2023: Discover your coaching self – Level 1, English

For Trained Coaches:

March 2023 – June 2023: Upgrade to PCC – Continuation to Level 2, English

Feb. 2023 – June 2023: Team Coaching Online – CCE, English

An Elite Coaching Education

Learn from the best, with the best, become the best coach you can be!
How can we support you in achieving this goal? Our Academy holds the highest global accreditation possible – Level 2 by the International Coaching Federation- and thus offers you the most direct way to a personal PCC credential! Our teaching coaches are well-known experts in their fields, bringing with them different approaches and styles. Learn about techniques from brief coaching to gestalt coaching, systemic coaching and the strength-focused approach, to insights from brain science and stress management. Go on a journey with us, cherry-picked from different approaches to develop your very own personal style. Experience what will make you a great coach!

Are you interested in our programs?

We are happy to offer you a first experience of Coaching with our founder Katja Bossert at our free taster sessions online every Thursday, at 5:30-7pm CET

Reasons To Join Our BA Coaching Academy

What we stand for:


We take risks to face unexpected situations and to accompany you on your bold journey as a person, professional and learner.

Acceptance and Commitment

We make sure that the group accepts you as you are & supports you on your own courageous development journey


We coax you out of your comfort zone until you have achieved your own goals.

What you can expect:


We form groups where everyone is proud to be surrounded by particularly exciting and explorative people.


We support you as a whole group with every event in your development and make you feel comfortable. You gain more lifetime and energy from every event than it costs you.


We combine intellectual demands with emotional, social and spiritual closeness and support. We offer confidentiality, honesty and sharing. You too can contribute openly. As a person, we do not judge you and do not give you advice.

How we work:


We address you as a person willing to perform and train you to become a value-creating coach in the future.


We offer professionalism as well as high standards and quality in our learning processes, events, lecturers, teaching materials and our communication. We adapt flexibly to the needs of you and the group as learners.


We help you to gain clarity about your feelings and way of thinking, to understand them and to work on them in a structured way.

Our Alumni Community

Following the graduation of current cohorts, we now have a total of over 250 alumni, we are so proud of all of them! Be a part of it and leverage our entire alumni community for professional exchange, sparring, advice, or simply a good chat over a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of wine.
We regularly have inspiring events to re-unite our coaching community and share the latest insights from the coaching world and beyond. Infuse new ideas, hear exciting speeches and attend workshops on selective topics such as innovation or personal branding.
If you are part of our Alumni Community, join our LinkedIn Group!


We have entered a strategic partnership with, the European leader in digital coaching.

This will give you as an alumna/us of our Coaching Academy an exclusive path to CoachHub’s pool of coaches and an opportunity to kickstart your coaching business, gaining hours and reputation.
CoachHub usually only accepts coaches with more than 500 hours of coaching practice. However, if you come from our school, you get access to a fast track. This means you can apply long before you have collected your 500 hours. Bypassing the long waiting queue for coaches with more than 500 hours, you will be assessed and if you fit, also selected. Many of our coaches bridged the gap from newly to a well known coach with CoachHub’s help whilst collecting their hours.

Coachhub lifts the organizational burden of coaching and offers a platform for both coaches and companies. It provides a high-end digital coaching solution through which coaching can be delivered virtually, combined with a much more efficient management of coaching initiatives. This includes sales process, contracting, client relations and billing for coaches – so you can focus on the coaching itself.

We are proud to have been selected for this partnership due to the outstanding quality of our education programs!