Upgrade to PCC
and Master Classes


This is for you if you :

  • Have an ACSTH/Level 1 or ACCA certification from a previous coaching training
  • Looking to further develop your coaching experience

What you will gain:

  • Work with experienced coaches – grapple with novelty core coaching styles and processes of professional executive coaching
  • A Level 2 diploma, allowing you to obtain your ACC or PCC easily once you have your practice hours
  • Focus on practice methods – spend time with mentoring groups, practice sessions and demos to ensure results for your coachees

Masterclasses and More


You are already a coach – possibly with experience in workshop moderation or group facilitation – and would like to take your coaching to the next level, supporting building high performance teams? Then this course is for you!

We just started our brand-new online masterclass for Team Coaching with incredible success – an innovative format loved by coaches and coached teams equally.

Our unique setup combines profound Academy know-how workshops about team development with direct practical application: Coaching actual BA client teams together with fellow coach colleagues, with our Academy Teaching Coaches Krisztina Madai and Dr. Götz Schmidt-Bossert always at your side for supervision, tips and tricks.

The 40+ hours online course plus peer work concludes the whole team coaching process from contracting with the team lead to design and facilitation of tailored team coaching sessions, followed by a progress workshop. We teach in English.

Caught fire? For more details take a look at our brochures for coaches or teams or contact us directly!


Psychometric tools help to raise awareness of behavioural preferences and communication styles based on how you perceive the world. However, these tools often are misused as „eternal truth“ and in a judgmental way. It needs a coach to position them in the right way. Ideally the framework below the tool is used for self awareness more than the test result itself.

As a coach in a business environment you will often meet situations where your client brings you a test result and wants to work with it.

How to coach in these situations as well as an overview and grouping of the most common tools are central topics of this workshop.

We will work with breakouts and exercises and you will have a clear practical sense of how to go about psychometric tools as a coach.


Thinking of how to facilitate impactful and fun trainings leveraging your individual style and assets as a trainer? Then this course is just right for you!

As coaches or leaders we often get the request to help people develop a specific skill set. Whilst the design of a group training might be already developed, you still need to understand how adult learning works and what is to be emphasized or avoided. In this course you learn how to foster learning with the right mix of push and pull in your workshop choreography and address different learner types. You will manage to lead your trainings in an interactive and engaging way. Learning as adults enjoy it!

Using a combination of experiments, simulations and direct practical application in a live or virtual setup, you will experience the immediate effects of facilitating like a professional trainer.

Delivery: In-person (Munich) or virtual
Price: 1200 EUR per person (VAT free service)



In this course experienced coaches learn how to prepare and facilitate online trainings and workshops in a fun and engaging way for participants.
Using a combination of insightful input, simulations, experiential exercises, reflection and application to real coaching cases, you will experience effective coaching methods online, from digital chair work methodologies to physical work. 
The course will sharpen your digital mindset and foster your creative energy around digital tools. 


We would like to offer you the opportunity to continue to further your coaching education. We offer this in the form of either Group Mentor Coaching (GMC) or Individual Mentor Coaching (IMC) sessions.

  • GMCs are typically with 5-6 participants. They are 2 hrs sessions where you can discuss your current coaching work and your questions on coaching. You will get answers to your questions and the necessary input to continue growing in your coaching style. A live practice with feedback is possible.
  • IMCs are individual work with a master coach. You will get input on challenges within your current work with clients and can get coached as a coach (supervision). You can share some elements of your work and discuss moments you found challenging. Q&A and tips on coaching.

Overall, supervision in the form of a GMC or IMC is a must for coaches. We should always further our development if we are working as coaches. If your are in need for the 10 mentor coaching hours for your personal ICF credential (ACC, PCC, MCC) we are happy to support you with a special offer for 7 hours as a group and 3 hours individually (see brochure)